Accessibility Statement

We have designed UK School Jobs to be accessible to the greatest possible audience across a number of device types and situations. Most if not all of our content will be created with the aim of conforming to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

These are a set of industry set standards that set the best practices for making web content more accessible for people with disabilities, naturally, we wanted to ensure that all the code contained within this site was compliant with the W3C standards for both HTML and CSS, we have also ensured that the site is accessible through a number of browser add-ons that allow those with disabilities to view our content.

Whilst we strive to ensure that these standards are used across the site, it is not always possible to ensure every element on the site does so.

If you find any difficulty in accessing any of the content on UK School Jobs, please feel free to contact us.

Here are some further explanations of what we do to ensure accessibility across the site:

Image optimisations

Across the site, we have ensured that all content images, where possible, include descriptive ALT attributes that should be used if images cannot be loaded or for screen reading assistance.


For any of the main links on the site,  we have ensured that they include a title attribute, which will describe where the link will take you. The only cases where we haven’t done this is when there is already a validation explanation within the text of the link.

Font Sizes

In order to change the font size of the content within our browser, please access the settings page in your browser, we have explained more about this below.

Zooming in/out of content

On all browsers, the following combinations should work for zooming in or out of images and text.

Zoom in: Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘+’

Zoom out: Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘-‘

Reset: Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘0’

Changing the font size on your browser

Internet Explorer 9 and later

Click on the ‘Tools’ icon’, select ‘Zoom’ and then choose your desired option.

Opera 20

Click on the ‘Opera’ tools menu item in the top left of the screen and use the zoom functionality.

Opera 10 and later

Use the zoom bar in the lower right-hand side of your screen, moving to the right will zoom in and moving to the left will zoom out.


Click on the page icon to the right-hand side of the address bar, from here use the zoom option displayed on the window.

Google Chrome

Select the View menu and then select the Zoom option. From there, you can select the options ‘Larger’, ‘Normal’ or ‘Smaller’ to change the font size.