Careers Pages

Showcase your school/ trust with a careers page on UK School Jobs

At UK School Jobs, we strive to offer a better recruitment process for our schools that not only allows them to recruit new staff easily, but also to better promote their brand with an extended feature set.

One of the ways that we do that is through our careers pages, which not only offer our schools and trusts with the opportunity to display their jobs within a single location, but also with the ability to promote themselves to the candidate, before they apply.

Don't just post your jobs, promote them

With UK School Jobs’ careers pages, you can do more than just post your jobs to a job board, you can promote them alongside your brand, straight to your potential applicants.

We’ve found that before an applicant actually clicks the apply button on your vacancy, they will go and look to find out more information about the school that they are applying to.

We make sure that the applicant isn’t lost along the way by putting your school’s information right on the job page, with a quick link to your school’s careers page on UK School Jobs.

See how you could improve your school's recruitment

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Extend things further with our careers page API

On top of a careers page on our site, we offer something a little more with our careers page API, which will allow you to show jobs from UK School Jobs right on your own site, where you can truly discuss your school and promote your core values and more.

And it is all super simple to implement, we can provide you with just a few lines of code that you can copy and paste right onto the careers page within your school’s website, no ‘IT wizards’ needed.