Practitioner of Geography

King's Leadership Academy Bolton - Lever Edge Lane, Bolton

Reference: TVGOVJ0481e
Contract: Full time
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• To share and uphold the beliefs of King’s Leadership Academy by espousing the ASPIRE values through your teaching role

• To implement and deliver an appropriately broad and differentiated programme of

study for students following designated lines of inquiry

• To monitor and support the overall progress and development of students as a teacher and academic tutor

• To facilitate and encourage a learning experience which provides students with the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential

• To use the King’s assessment process to collect and report accurate progress data to students, parents and governors

• To implement proactive intervention to enable every student to succeed

• To deliver lessons which are consistently good and mostly outstanding.


• To take part in the Academy’s professional development programme by participating in arrangements for coaching and further training
• To continue personal development in the relevant areas including subject knowledge and pedagogy
• To engage actively in the Performance Management Review process

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Posted on: Fri Mar 27 2020 Closing on: April 3, 2020
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