Cover Supervisor

The Bicester School - Queen's Avenue, Bicester

Reference: TVGOVJ2bdfa

This vacancy has expired.

The role of the Cover Supervisor is
essential to provide assistance to the teaching departments by delivering
lessons already prepared by the teacher. Cover Supervisors are not required to
plan, prepare or mark student work and the main day to day duties involve:

  • Supervising pupils, ensuring they
    are engaged in the classwork.
  • Helping pupils to become more
    independent in their learning and assisting with tasks when needed.
  • Creating a safe and positive
    classroom environment.
  • Promoting good behaviour in line
    with the school behaviour policy.
  • Providing TA support when not being
    used as cover.
Sorry, this vacancy has expired.

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Posted on: Tue Sep 26 2023 Closing on: October 20, 2023
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This vacancy has expired.