Teaching In Manchester

With over 200 schools and colleges across the city, Machester has a range of opportunities for the budding teacher.

And for those budding teachers, Manchester  City Council offers a central hub named Teach Manchester, where new teachers can find out more about teaching in the city and how they might best progress through their careers.

To top that off, Manchester also offers some great commuting options thanks to it being close to multiple motorways. Manchester also offers a range of public transport options via it’s Metrolink tram system and abundance of bus routes. The local train station is also linked to some of the most popular national routes.

More about Manchester

If London is the captial of the south then Manchester is definitely the capital of the North, featuring a vibrant and thriving metropolis that rivals London quite closely.

Top that off with Manchester’s ever growing music scene and abundance of nightlife opportunities, and you have a great place to stay. And that’s not to mention that they have two of England’s most successful football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United.

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