Teaching and education jobs in Wales

Teaching In Wales

Teaching in Wales offers a completely different experience from the rest of the UK, if you are moving from somewhere else in Britain then you might notice a slight culture change, however, you may enjoy the journey.

The main difference in Wales compared to England is that the Welsh government is looking to further strengthen ties with local communities and the schools within them through a scheme to recruit 50,000 teachers across Wales by 2024.

Thanks to this drive, you can expect to see more benefits to what you may expect than a teaching job in England with possibilities like relocation packages and more, however, each school is different.

More about Wales

On top of the increased possibilities within teaching in England, you also get the benefits thanks to your new surroundings.

Within Wales, there is around 870 miles of coastline and spectacular sights to see, including the prehistoric human settlements, that are definitely worth viewing if you have the time.

Wales is also famous for its sporting culture in the rugby, football and motorsport arenas. The cost of living is also significantly lower than areas like London, with the average rent being around 75% lower.

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