Teaching at a secondary school

There are a few phases of schools that you can join as a teacher, so once you have chosen the type of school that you want to teach at, you’ll have to select your phase.

The phases that you can choose between are split between age groups, as we explained in our teaching in the UK article here.

Secondary schools in the UK generally teach students aged between 11 – 16 years old, allowing teachers to really mould a core time of their student’s life, during a point in their lives when they are really developing their skills and personalities.

Why should you teach at a secondary school?

Teachers at secondary schools are able to specialise in one or two core subjects within the national curriculum, allowing teachers to really fine-tune their skills and provide a true source of knowledge.

This allows school teachers to provide the stability, discipline, direction and knowledge that is required that children across a variety of backgrounds need in order to take the next step in their lives.

In order to get started as a secondary school teacher, you will normally need a degree that is related to the subject that you want to teach. Some would also suggest that you might take a minor within another subject, providing you with the possibility to teach more than one subject.

You might also want to volunteer as a teaching assistant at a local school or association.