Teaching at an independent/free school

Teaching at an independent school is a different experience than that of any other establishment.

In particular, independent schools are often compared to state maintained schools, which are different mainly due to independent schools not receiving funding from the government but instead from fee-paying payments and donors.

Thanks to this, independent schools can provide more flexibility over how they teach and how their schools are run, including who they hire and how they teach.

This means that teachers are greeted with less regulatory guidelines and more opportunities for better pay rates, increased benefits and a free working environment.

Why should you teach at an indepedent school?

A huge benefit to teachers and pupils within independent schools is the better capability to offer smaller class sizes.

On top of this, at independent schools aren’t as limited as other schools when it comes to funding meaning that they often have greater capabilities to offer more resources for smaller class sizes and better teaching equipment, providing teachers with a greater ability to control classes and provide more attention to pupils, forming stronger relationships.

On top of that, independent schools offer have a greater ability to teach more advanced techniques. As they do not have to teach the national curriculum, they have the freedom to teach how they like, with a range of extra-curricular activities and facilities on offer at a range of schools, however, as they are independent, not all schools offer the same.

Are you ready to find a role at an independent school?